Monday, 11 July 2016

Cream of broccoli with roasted pine nuts

Green soup, another favourite in our house. It's filling, creamy, packed with goodness and super easy to make! It's nice to get the kids used to eating soups, and this one can be enjoyed all year long for sure.

I use broccoli as the main vegetable in this dish, but it's also nice to add additional veg like green peas, kale or courgette.

Prep time with blending 10 minutes, cooking 10 minutes

Here's what you need:
1 or even 1 and 1/2 large broccoli - we only use the florets
two bay leaves
two garlic cloves
one organic stock cube, either vegetarian or chicken one will work, I like using Kallo cubes as they have less salt
1 sachet of bouquet garni
if using extra veg try either a handful of shredded kale, or half a cup of frozen peas or a few slices of courgette - you can add all 3 if you like
black pepper
1/3 of teaspoon of turmeric - turmeric is one of my favourite spices, I try to add it to any dish where possible even to scrambled eggs!! and it works great in soups. It's definitely a super spice - warming, anti - inflammatory and full of anti-oxidants.
handful of grated cheese - cheddar or any type you fancy will work
handful of pine nuts
cream for drizzling
fresh parsley for sprinkling

Here's what to do:
Cut your broccoli into florets, wash them and put into a pot, cover with water, not too much of it as you want the soup to be more of a cream than a watery consistency. Add garlic, bay leaves, bouquet garni, turmeric and one stock cube. If you're using extra veg add them too. Bring all to boil, then simmer until the broccoli is soft.  Once done take off heat, remove the bay leaves and the bouquet garni sachet. Put everything in a blender then mix, try not to use all of the water at first and keep adding according to how creamy/watery you would like it to be. Once all blended transfer back to your pan and add grated cheese while the soup is still hot so the cheese melts nicely. Add black pepper to taste. In a small not stick pan fry the pine nuts, only for couple of minutes so they're nice and brown. Pour the soup on the plates then sprinkle roasted pine nuts, drizzle with a little bit of cream and top it up with some fresh parsley, done, easy, yummy and good for you!! And wouldn't it be lovely to serve the soup in a bowl like this one...

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