Saturday, 9 July 2016

Noodle time...

Mummy what's for lunch? It seems like my boys are always hungry and quite often I have to create meals quickly, but I still try to introduce new recipes and flavours.

This is a very easy noodle dish, designed after my boys spent too much time watching 'Kung Fu Panda' and asked for noodles.

Rice noodles can be quite tasteless, but this recipe is packed with flavour!

Prep 5 minutes, cooking 10 minutes

half a packet of rice noodles
2 garlic cloves
ginger - add as much as you like, ginger improves circulation, is anti-inflammatory and great for boosting the immune system
sesame seeds
tamari sauce (I like using this instead of soy sauce as it has less salt)
sesame oil
optional spring onions

Cut cucumber into rectangle shapes and marinate with grated ginger, sprinkle generously with tamari sauce. Boil water and cook rice noodles, according to packet instructions. In a frying pan heat up sesame oil and add crushed garlic, fry for a minute. Add marinated cucumber, keep stirring and add extra tamari sauce. When the cucumber gets warm add (if using) chopped spring onions, take off heat and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Mix with cooked noodles and enjoy!

This dish is a great opportunity to introduce kids to using chop sticks. I found these fun ones in my local Tiger Store.
Inner peace Master Shifu!

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